TRUGLO® Supports Shooting Sports for Women


TRUGLO® Supports Shooting Sports for Women
By Joe Byers

More and more women are discovering the great adventure of the outdoors and the self-satisfaction and self-confidence gained through shooting sports.  These achievements are made possible by a host of organizations and companies like TRUGLO® that help women to get started.  Unless you grew up in a hunting or shooting family, regardless of gender, making outdoor connections can be difficult.  One only needs to watch young, first-time women shooting firearms at a range to witness their expressions- “This is cool and lots of fun. Who knew?”

TRUGLO® sponsors Daughters at the Range (DATR), a group in their home state of Texas, that teaches firearm safety through education and safe shooting. Janette Story, Event Coordinator for DATR, wrote to report on recent events that demonstrate how important corporate sponsorships can be.

“This year Daughters At The Range registered 154 young ladies.  Of which  79 were first time attendees.  Of those, 64 had never shot 027--1024x565before!  Can you imagine how excited our over 125 volunteers were to be able to introduce 64 new shooters to firearm safety and the shooting sports? Well, we all smiled all day—families, participants, and volunteers. 

Katherine is one of the new attendees who had no firearm experience, Camryn attended her 2nd year of pistol and has also attended two years of rifle.  Didn’t they do well!?  We are so pleased with their accomplishments.  Daughters At The Range succeeds due to your support! Thank you again, for your continued support of Daughters At The Range. TRUGLO is to be commended for their support of youth activities. We are truly blessed by your interest in and support of DATR.”

Shoot like a Girl

Founded in 2008, Shoot like a Girl (SLG) has a simple mission  ̶  to grow the number of women in the shooting sports.  The founder and President of the company, Karen Butler, realized that although women are the fastest growing demographic in shooting sports, there are factors that limit their involvement. Primarily, the opportunity for women to try equipment that fits in a safe and controlled environment.  SLG, with the help of their valued corporate sponsors such as TRUGLO®, travels the country with archery and firearms equipment in weights and lengths suitable for women to try their first Test Flights.  SLG attends events where there are a lot of women spectators present, not necessarily participants, in order to entice them to give the shooting sports a try. Such events may include hunting shows, conservation shows and shooting sports tournaments.

Sight-pin-confusion-is-common-among-newer-hunters-200x300So, why does SLG encourage shooting sports for women?  The shooting sports provide an activity that families can do together from a young age and continue through their lifetime. The shooting sports are available to people of all physical fitness levels, and definitely provide gratification when you shoot a bulls-eye.  Heart disease is a leading cause of death for women which is often the result of stress.  What better way to relive stress than to spend time with your family in a healthy active outdoor activity?

TRUGLO® products are a natural for new female shooters, since fiber-optic technology helps newcomers gain a sight picture more quickly with a firearm and bow and arrow.  Red-dot sights and bright sight pins are particularly helpful in fast target acquisition for shooters of all skill levels, but particularly helpful to newcomers.  For more information on Daughters at the Range, go to and for Shoot like a Girl at For more information on TRUGLO® products visit


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