When it comes to Marine Electronics for Kayak Anglers Lowrance has you Covered


When it comes to Marine Electronics for Kayak Anglers Lowrance has you Covered

Fishing consumer trends are clearly indicating that – as with TVs – the growing trend with fishfinder displays is that “bigger is better.” Following a record-setting year in 2016 with the Elite-7 TiTi is showing signs of being the new frontrunner – another indicator that fishing consumers are continuing to make room for bigger, brighter and easier-to-view displays. Another trend in the consumer market is the growing popularity of kayak fishing. Kayaks offer anglers an affordable and portable option to bass boats and center-consoles, and in many cases open up waters they may not normally be able to fish due to local regulations or a lack of boat ramps. Once kayak fishing took off, it didn’t take long for kayak anglers to include fishfinders into their equipment list and rapidly kayak manufacturers began designing with electronics in mind. Most fishing kayaks today come with pre-cut transducer holes, wiring passages, and storage for batteries and screen covers. Even though the boat is smaller, kayak anglers want the same thing their motor-powered counterparts do – bigger, brighter and easier-to-view displays.

Lowrance gear on Hobie kayaks in Duck Key FL

Designed for anglers looking for one unit to do almost everything, the Elite-Tidisplays in the next two years.

Including cutting-edge features like an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, Bluetooth® and wireless connectivity, proven Lowrance navigation technology and high-performance sonar – including CHIRP, Broadband Sounder™ and StructureScan® HD with SideScan and DownScan Imaging™ – the Elite-Ti Series displays offer incredible value at an affordable price. CHIRP sonar offers improved fish-target separation and screen clarity, while the StructureScan HD sonar imaging system with exclusive Lowrance® DownScan Imaging delivers photo-like images of fish-holding structure on both sides and directly beneath the boat.

For the ultimate in on-the-water navigation, Elite-Ti displays feature a highly accurate, built-in GPS antenna that displays position on a detailed C-MAP Insight map, with thousands of lakes and rivers and detailed coastal contours to 1,000 feet. Optional chart upgrades include Lake Insight HD by C-MAP, C-MAP MAX-N, Navionics HotMaps® Premium, Navionics+ and Fishing Hotspots® PRO.

With enhanced sonar performance, built-in high definition charts, waypoint sharing and advanced charting options, the Elite-Ti Series offers features and a price point that competitors like the Humminbird HELIX G2N can’t match. The easy to use touchscreen is a Lowrance-exclusive, as is the TotalScan transducer capable of Broadband, CHIRP sonar, StructureScan HD and DownScan Imaging, all in one unit. The enhanced sonar performance of the Elite-Ti offers better clarity of targets than the Helix G2N and greater sonar range where it counts. Simply put, the Elite-Ti finds fish faster than all the rest. The Elite-Ti Series is also priced at $300-500 less than comparable units.

The perfect complement for kayakers, Lowrance also offers accessory packs compatible with the Elite-Ti. The Lowrance Kayak Pack is a portable kit that secures the battery, transducer and displays to a single box, making it easy to mount and remove from the kayak. The Lowrance YakAttack CellBlok battery holder with built-in transducer cable management that keeps excess transducer cable away from the active anglers. Lowrance also offers the ultimate transducer-mounting system for the sit-on-top fishing kayak – the Transducer Kayak Scupper Mount. Perfect for all Lowrance Skimmer® transducers, it’s easy to install in most any scupper opening without messy adhesives. The Lowrance Scupper Mount positions the Skimmer transducer, so it’s totally submerged in the water you’re fishing. That guarantees maximum sonar signal return sensitivity, producing the absolute clearest underwater returns of structure and fish possible.

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Original Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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