Wicked Ridge Ranger the Perfect Fit for Turkey Hunting Kids


Wicked Ridge Ranger the Perfect Fit for Turkey Hunting Kids

By Burt Carey


Gearing up for turkey season each spring requires planning, and even more so if you’re expecting to take a young hunter with you. Young hands may not be ready to carry a shotgun all day, and drawing a bow may be out of the question. That creates a perfect opportunity for carrying a crossbow.

Wicked Ridge  Ranger Crossbow

Wicked Ridge
Ranger Crossbow

The Wicked Ridge Ranger, at just 5.9 pounds, is lightweight, compact, easy to cock and carry, and it’s an absolute turkey-killing machine that matches the physical capabilities of young or small-framed hunters. Pop a mouth diaphragm in, or pull out your favorite box or slate call, and leave the shooting to junior!

Five years in development, the Ranger features a molded PlastiComp Duplēt, semi-skeletal stock assembly with weight reduction in mind. Its safety-engineered pass-through grip helps keep the shooter’s fore-grip hand safely below the bowstring release path. Wicked Ridge is part of the TenPoint Crossbows family.

“Our thought at the beginning was to create a youth bow with the ideal length-of-pull, physical weight, and overall size suitable for a youngster in the 9- to 13-year-old age group. We conducted a lot of research to quantify those ideals,” said TenPoint and Wicked Ridge CEO, Rick Bednar. “We decided early on that we wanted it to be a legitimate hunting weapon worthy of the brand, so as the design evolved over several years, it became clear that the Ranger was also ideal for others who could be considered small-framed hunters, regardless of their age or gender.”

The Ranger is available in a youth model and the Lady Ranger, with matching specs and performance, comes with a Muddy Girl camouflage scheme.

Both Ranger models shoot the recommended 18-inch Wicked Ridge Ranger carbon arrow at 300 feet per second owing to the power of its 150-pound draw weight. Anchoring a bird is not a problem with 70 foot pounds of kinetic energy!rang

At only 33.9 inches long, the Ranger sports an easily managed 19.9-inch axle-to-axle width when cocked. Wicked Ridge built the Ranger’s bow assembly around a new lightweight, machined aluminum riser fitted with 12.3-inch WL12 limbs. The configuration, powered by a new Energy Wheel and DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables with tunable yokes, is matched for optimum functional efficiency.

The stock includes glass reinforced nylon safety wings mounted just above the grip that serve as an additional barrier to help prevent hand injury. Wicked Ridge outfitted the stock with TenPoint’s DFI (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor) and 3.5-pound T2 trigger.

“The Ranger fills a void in our lineup,” said Bednar. “It took a number of years of thought, discussion, engineering, and testing to produce a design that met our objectives. I am confident that our effort has produced the marketplace’s best crossbow in its class.”

The Ranger is available in two packages. The standard package retails for $399 and includes the crossbow in tactical black, TenPoint 3x Multi-Line™ Scope, and a quiver. The premium package is sold for $499 and includes the crossbow double-dip fluid imaged in Mossy Oak’s popular Treestand camo pattern, an ACU-52 cocking mechanism, TenPoint 3x Multi-Line Scope, three Ranger Victory Archery arrows, and a quiver.

The Lady Ranger is available in one package, which includes an ACU-52 cocking mechanism, TenPoint 3x Multi-Line Scope, three Ranger Victory Archery arrows, and a quiver. It sells for $499.

The ACU-52 is a sleek, integrated, self-retracting rope cocking system which reduces the draw weight by 50 percent while drawing the bow accurately time after time. The lightweight and affordable cocking unit’s design allows for easy installation in the crossbow’s stock, while powerful mini-magnets hold the handles securely and quietly in place.

Wicked Ridge crossbows are designed, manufactured and tested in Mogadore, Ohio.

Find out more about the Ranger and other Wicked Ridge products at www.wickedridgecrossbows.com.


Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle


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