Artomé’s Virtual Art Show Becomes a Huge Success

  News from Adapting to the Pandemic to serve art students, teachers, and parents. The concept was creative, and the idea that developed was absolutely brilliant. Artome created a great program delivering the right combination of safety for students, an ability to support art education, and generate a great fundraiser for art teachers during the […]

Must-Have EltaMD Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen

  News from EltaMD UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen for every day It is not only that EltaMD Skin Care is the most trusted, recommended, and personally used professional sunscreen by Dermatologists, their brilliance also stems from the fact that they are constantly developing new products that will protect your skin on […]

Comer Elementary Joins Artomé’s “Virtual” Success

  News from Artome’s new Virtual Art Show for Schools Systems is a safe and practical solution   Another school has “jumped” on the Artomé wagon, so to speak, joining up with this incredible company to put on their very own Virtual Art Show that has proven to be a huge success!   Artome’s Virtual […]

Artomé’s Virtual Show in “The Peach State” Marks Another Success!

  News from Artome demonstrates their Virtual Art Show for a safe and fun Art Education Fundraiser.   Success after success has continued with Artome’s incredible work with America’s schools to set up their new Virtual Art Shows. Artome’s new virtual art show, specifically designed for art educators, provides a safe and fun art project […]

Revitalize Sun-Damaged Skin

  News from EltaMD UV Restore Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 is perfect for all Skin Types   EltaMD Skin Care is the #1 Dermatologist-recommended professional sunscreen brand, and one of their most recent product launches is EltaMD UV Restore.  EltaMD UV Restore Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 is a 100% mineral sunscreen that improves sun-damaged skin […]

Artome’s Virtual Art Shows Reign During Pandemic for School Art Programs

  By Amy Lignor An excellent program for students, teachers, and parents!   It’s never a surprise to educators when they learn that the Artomé has shown for 15 years that they are “stars” for helping schools raise money for art education and continue to do new creative things to provide a safe art show […]

Artome’s “Virtual Art Show” is perfect for a safe school fundraiser

  By Amy Lignor   Book Your School’s 2021 Artomé Virtual Art Show Today   Time moves fast, and 2020 has been filled with changes to our normal schedules due to the pandemic, especially in the realm of our children’s education, including art. But Artome has developed their all-new “Virtual Art Show” for these trying […]

Educators’ Rave about Artomé’s Virtual Art Show

by Amy Lignor Artome’s Virtual Art Show is the Perfect Solution for School Systems   Due to COVID, school systems have had to adapt their policies to these changing times, and Artome’s New Virtual Art Show is providing a safe art show fundraising effort and allowing students to learn and be creative all at the […]

“Team Up” with Artomé’s New Affiliate “Travel Sports Teams” Program

  Artome does it again with a new program for Travel Sports Teams   America’s “Travel Team Sports” have always prided themselves on having a well-established connection with their teams, players, and parents. Regardless of the sport, from baseball, softball, volleyball and more, Artome’s New Affiliate Program is a new way to assist any “Travel […]

Artomé Transforms Your Images into Works of Art with the New Collage Collection

  by Amy Lignor A perfect way to display images from your favorite events, vacations, family, friends, and more!   By opening a new store on Shopify, the creative team of Artomé has expanded their incredible product line of frames, including the all-new “Collage Collection” that everyone can enjoy.   Artomé built their glowing reputation […]

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